• Service Call Reports

    Access, create and authorize in-depth service call reports on site immediately following the visit

    Laptop showing processed service report
  • Monitoring &
    Tracking Devices

    Establish active monitoring points and create comprehensive monitoring reports from the field or from the office

    Laptop displaying device tracking component of PestBoss application
  • CRM & Communications

    CRM & Communications: manage client and prospects data and system users, send email & SMS notifications, and much more

    Laptop displaying messaging component of PestBoss application
  • Scheduling &
    Task Management

    Stay ahead of schedule with the multi-view calendar and tasks management module

    Laptop displaying tasks management component of PestBoss application
  • Customer Portal

    Gateway to access their service reports and history, monitoring analytics, messages, and much more

    Laptop displaying client portal component of PestBoss application
  • Vendor & Product Management

    Detailed pesticide and chemical management tools, filtered by client-approved materials profiles

    Laptop displaying vendor management component of PestBoss application
  • Invoicing & Payment

    Get paid quicker by issuing invoices in the field, and processing payment before leaving the job site.

    Laptop displaying invoice management component of PestBoss application
  • Reports & Analytics

    Access informative project and company data as granular reports, trend graphs and visual heat maps

    Laptop displaying analytics component of PestBoss application

What our clients are saying about PestBoss

  • I was excited to discover PestBoss during my search for a pest control productivity application with all the specialized features I was accustomed to using. As a new businesses with a rapidly growing customer list, it was essential for me that the application I selected be backed by an attentive support team. The team at PestBoss is just that. Prompt, attentive and available in my time zone. I recommend PestBoss.

    Alex M. Owner, PestBros
  • We have been working with PestBoss for nearly two years now and we are beyond satisfied with their service and support. Anytime anyone asks, we refer them to Sid at PestBoss with zero hesitation. The day we learned we would receive a retroactive referral commission for the new business we sent to PestBoss was icing on the cake. Do yourself and your company a solid and call Sid at PestBoss. Tell them Jason sent you :)

    Jason D. General Manager, Pest Away
  • The success and growth of our company made the adoption of a business automation application mandatory. Shadot Ltd. is a large firm and we manage many sizable commercial clients, a number of which are mandated to demonstrate all efforts and tactics used by their pest control partner. PestBoss give us first class site management features that make site visits and reporting fast and effective. Chemical use and devices deployed in the field are tagged with barcodes and reported on immediately. Our clients access their site analytics and account history in the cloud via the PestBoss portal and can demonstrate complete transparency on a moment’s notice. We can’t imagine returning to spreadsheets and email. We do highly recommend PestBoss!!

    - Shadot, LTD
  • PestBoss helps our organization be more efficient and has increased referral business, significantly. As a small firm that specializes in termite control and prevention, our project sites require multiple visits and the monitoring of a complex cleaning strategy. Heat maps displaying data collected in the field help our technicians zero in on source locations and act as effectively as possible. Clients accessing their data and reports via the client gateway are very happy with the speed at which they can access reports and archived data. PestBoss has helped our business to grow in control.

    - A.S. Pest Control Services
  • I recommend PestBoss as a must-have tool for any size Pest Control business that requires full control over managed processes. We have been a PestBoss client for many years, and are impressed with the company’s service and attention to our industry’s evolving requirements. We work with PestBoss on desktops in the office, and our field technicians use the mobile application on site, allowing them to create and share Service Reports that comply with Ministry of Environmental Protection regulations. That we can provide Service Reports to our clients live and directly from the field increases our efficiency. We are very happy with this product.

    - Yuval Gross, Yuval - Advanced Pest Control Solutions - Owner and Manager
  • We have found PestBoss to be an intuitive and user friendly application for recording job site monitoring inspections, along with all relevant service reporting detail. Because these reports are posted to our clients in real time from the field, our operations are streamlined, making time for additional service calls. Our larger commercial clients have experienced similar efficiencies, with the PestBoss customer portal allowing their contract buyers access to all reporting documentation and data necessary to satisfy service level agreements. Perhaps most importantly, we have found the client service team at PestBoss highly responsive and supportive.

    - Oren Golan - CEO, Lugassy Golan - The Environmental Protection Company Ltd.

The pest control business management application used by professional pest control companies

The PestBoss turnkey business management application is conceived for and dedicated solely to Pest Control businesses. We help determined pest control business leaders manage and grow their operations while adhering to ever-increasing standards and safety regulations.

PestBoss is updated with new and enhanced features regularly, and backed by our industry-leading service level agreement. PestBoss is the business management application of choice for successful Pest Control companies.


  • Service Reports & Pesticide Management

    Access, create and share in-depth service call reports onsite in real time. Manage chemical tactics with pesticide & device profiles tailored to client requirements. Easily include pesticide materials safety data sheets and other relevant information for accountability in reporting.

  • Rapid Estimation, Invoicing & Online Payments

    Create and share estimates, service reports, invoices and receipts via email or SMS, and process credit card, INTERAC or ApplePay payments immediately. Photo-scan payment cards and get paid before you leave the jobsite.

  • CRM, Scheduling, Appointments & Customer Portal

    Comprehensive account management and communication tools. Appointment scheduling and task management, including Customer Portals for all accounts requiring 24/7 easy access to service history, pesticide & device analytics, as well as a direct line of communication.

  • Project Site Mapping, Monitoring & Reporting

    Map and monitor contract project sites with in-field barcode production & application. Monitor device and tactics application on schedule and deliver detailed monitoring reports instantly, in print or email or SMS PDF delivery.

PestBoss is right for your business!

PestBoss is designed and optimized for pest control businesses looking to provide the most thorough and effective service for their clients as efficiently as possible. With industry leading features that begin with on-site job management, PestBoss provides field technicians with the tools needed to be surgical in approach and highly productive with every outcome. It is the preferred application for pest control companies looking for a competitive advantage to help advance their business.

Where PestBoss Works Hardest

  • Small Pest Control Business

    Sole proprietor
    • Customer Segments

      Residential 75%, small commercial 25%

    • Key Services

      Insect management and rodent control

    • PestBoss Features

      Clients & Tasks, Service Reports, Invoicing & Receipts

  • Small Specialized Pest Control Business

    1-5 users
    • Customer Segments

      Varies by region

    • Key Services

      Termite control, Fumigation, Agricultural, Open areas...

    • PestBoss Features

      Clients & Tasks, Service Reports, Monitoring & Device Tracking, Client Portal.

  • Medium Pest Control Business

    5-30 USERS
    • Customer Segments

      Residential 20%, small commercial 50%, large contract commercial 30%

    • Key Services

      All service types

    • PestBoss Features

      Clients & Tasks, Monitoring & Device Tracking, Service Reports, Client Portal.

  • Large Pest Control Business

    • Customer Segments

      Residential 5%, small commercial 20%, large contract commercial 75%

    • Key Services

      All service types

    • PestBoss Features

      Clients & Tasks, Monitoring & Device Tracking, Service Reports, Client Portal.

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Online or offline, service technicians map new sites, collect data, create monitoring reports and issue invoices in the field. Service reports, detailed monitoring reports and invoices may be processed and shared at the job site, before accessing the schedule and tasks feature and moving on to the next job site.

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