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PestBoss Integrated Pest Management Software empowers Facility Managers with the tools to conduct and oversee facility pest management inspections, abatement activities and monitoring reporting. With PestBoss, Facility Managers set the rules, set the pace, and maintain ownership of all IPM data and trending analytics.

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Work Smart and Hard

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Staff Technicians

Whether you’re managing a single facility or a network of facilities with multiple locations, our pest control service software streamlines pest control inspections, treatment and reporting professionally and efficiently.

Use the PestBoss mobile web application to assign, complete and report on pest control activity for any property, with complete visibility for your team and regulators.

Contracted Technicians

Add external contractors to your team, assign tasks and build an effective workforce when managing your pest control inspections.

With client and technician logins, PestBoss maintains and makes accessible all documents, reports and analytics so you can remain compliant and keep ahead of issues.

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PestBoss IPM Features

  • Service Reports

    Create, share and file in-depth service reports before, during or immediately following tasks completion.

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  • Monitoring Inspections

    Inspect and report on device, location or area stations activities, and store the date for aggregate analytics.

    Laptop displaying monitoring map component of PestBoss application
  • Access Portal

    Gateway to access service reports and history, monitoring analytics, messages, shared files, and more.

    Laptop displaying client portal component of PestBoss application
  • Scheduling

    Stay ahead of schedule with the drag-’n’-drop calendar and tasks management module.

    Laptop displaying tasks management component of PestBoss application
  • Pesticide Management

    Detailed pesticide and chemical management tools, filtered by location-approved material profiles.

    Laptop displaying pesticide management component of PestBoss application
  • Data Analytics

    Examine pest control activities and outcomes via historical aggregate data, including trend graphs and location heat maps.

    Laptop displaying analytics component of PestBoss application
  • Trending Reports

    Review and share informative IPM trending reports, electronically or by print, also available in the access portal.

    Laptop displaying trending reports component of PestBoss application
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Manage Pests

Managing pests in facilities and schools is crucial to maintain a safe and healthy environment. Pests can spread diseases, damage property, and disrupt operations. Effective pest management ensures the well-being of occupants, protects infrastructure, and supports a conducive learning or working environment for everyone involved.

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Protect Health

An effectively governed integrated pest management program promotes a safe and healthy environment by employing proactive strategies to prevent and manage pests. It minimizes the use of harmful pesticides, focuses on long-term prevention, educates occupants, and maintains stringent monitoring, thereby reducing health risks and ensuring overall well-being.

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Stay Compliant

Tracking and reporting on hazardous materials usage in pest control programs helps facility managers ensure compliance with state or provincial regulations. It enables them to demonstrate proper handling, storage, and disposal of chemicals and rodenticides, mitigating environmental risks and avoiding penalties or violations from regulatory authorities.

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We are Green Shield Certified!

  • green shield certified

    Green Shield Certified is an independent, non-profit certification program that promotes practitioners of effective, prevention-based pest control while minimizing the need to use pesticides.

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  • the pest defense for healthy schools logo

    School IPM aims to educate school employees about the benefits of integrated pest management while reducing pest problems and improving pest management practices in schools.

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  • IPM institute of north america logo

    For over 20 years, IPM Institute has been working with facility managers, food companies, growers, schools, NGOs and many others on a wide range of projects focused on driving progress in sustainability.

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Take PestBoss Offline

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Online or offline, service technicians map new sites, collect data, create monitoring reports and issue invoices in the field. Service reports, detailed monitoring reports and invoices may be processed and shared at the job site, before accessing the schedule and tasks feature and moving on to the next job site.

* PestBoss subscription required.

PestBoss Special – $59 for one Month!

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